Our History

It was on February 3, 1959, through the issuance of the permit from the Ministry of Economy and the subsequent publication in the Government Gazette III Series No. 39, February 16, 1959, which gave life to Cooperative Ribadouro, under the name ”Adega Cooperativa de Ribadouro, Cooperative Society Limited Liability.”On February 28 this year, starts the subscription of the capital of the cooperative, each share was worth the equivalent of $3000.

On the 1st day of subscription, were purchased by 288 members a total of 72,985 shares.

On August 7, 1959, by deed of Notary celebrated in Mogadouro is done the commercial register of the cooperative.

In the statutes of the cooperative, as amended dated 2004 is described as being the main effect to its purpose, whatever the means and techniques used, the operations relating to the nature of the products from the holdings of cooperators and provide various services, which are realized in each section (Section A – Viticulture, Section B – Purchase and sale of items intended for farm), and may, in accordance with its Statute to carry out the activities of its own alternative to other classes needed to meet the needs its cooperators.

Currently the Cooperative has more than 2,300 cooperators.

The average production in recent years the cooperative is 3 million liters of wine, broken down by red, white and rosé. This is broken down by different categories of wine from the wine called, from wine or Regional IG, DOC, Harvest and Selected Reserve.

The cooperative sells its wines using four brands (Pauliteiros, MiranduM, Lhéngua Mirandesa and Ribeira do Corso).

The trading markets for the direct responsibility of the cooperative is as follows:

-Domestic market – 78%
-European Community -20%
-Outside U.E. – 2%

Pauliteiros (1st mark) – 1985

Initially this meant the brand wine packaged in bottle.

In the early 90s, is now sold in 750 ml bottle.

Today is the benchmark of table wines, found in three types of wine (Red, White and Rosé), 3 types of bottle (375, 750 and 1000 ml), in bag in box packaging of different capacity, continuing the traditional bottle.
The cooperative accompanied the wine market and diversified the types of packages sold in betting on packages BIB (Bag in Box).

Mark Pauliteiros pioneer in our wines, was chosen in 2006 for the first packages of BIB, for red wine and white, only in the capacity of five liters.

In 2007, bet also, in rosé wine in BIB 5 liters. That year, is now available in packages of 10 liters BIB 3 types of wine produced, always with the trademark Pauliteiros.

Mirandum (2nd mark) – 1992

Since 1992 and after a strong investment in winemaking and bottling facilities, it was bottled wine by the bottle, and thus diversify the type of packaging, which hitherto was summed up by paint.

Mark MiranduM intended for sale in bottle, passing the mark Pauliteiros to be the benchmark, used in wine in the bottle.

The possibility of selling wine in the bottle, has led not only to improve the sale of wine, but also the presentation and allowed to bet on product awareness, impossible for those who only sells paint.

The first event was outstanding, wine Pauliteiros 1989, considered the best wine in competition from the National Wine and cataloged as Reserve.

Over the years this brand has also been marketed in the bottle.

Already in 2009, completed the range of supply, enhancing the packages available, now with a capacity of 20 liters, white and red wines, the brand Mirandum. As was presented in a new BIB packaging for this brand in 5 liters.

Lhéngua Mirandesa (3rd mark) – 2002

The evolution of the terms alluding to the wines, which until the mid-90s, boiled down to table wines and the best with the designation of reserves, will have competition from several denominations ”Regional Wines, VQPRD, DOC, Reserve Collection selected.

So in 2002, the cooperative submitted its first regional wine from the 1999 harvest, under the brand Lhéngua Mirandesa, alluding to mark traditional language of the region corresponding recognized 2nd national language – the ”Miranda”.

This were undoubtedly a step forward, has extended the product range and reach consumers more demanding.

In subsequent years were cast Lhéngua Mirandesa of the following crops:

-2001 (released in February 2004)
-2003 (Silver Medal-National Contest 2008) (coming June 2005)
-2007 listings with Selected Harvest (released in December 2008)

In 2010, the wines were launched Lhéngua Mirandesa White 2008 and Rosé 2009 in 750 ml bottle. White wine with this brand has been present at the jury for the Wines of Tras-os-Montes, which was highlighted with a Silver Medal.

During this year, was also completed, a new bet, now the marketing of upscale wines packaged BIB 3 liters.

The choice fell on the mark ”Lhéngua Mirandesa,” the stakes in the wine chosen was strong, a red wine harvest of 2007 and selected a batch of white wine winner of the Silver Medal.

The bet has not only the quality of wines, it has also, for a package with handle extremely high quality and design. The image of this pack comes with the wine that is inside it.

Ribeira do Corso (4th mark) – 2006

Following the step taken in 2002, arose in 2006 when the cooperative has launched a new brand that would combine their best wines, up one step, going from regional to VQPRD / DOC and Reserve.

– 2004 Red VQPRD / DOC (Silver Medal-National Contest 2008) (Gold Medal, 2010 National Competition) (Silver Medal – Grand National Contest 2010) (released in February 2006)
– White Selected Harvest 2004 (Bronze Medal, National Competition)
(launched in February 2006)
– DOC-2006 Red Book (Silver Medal-National Competition) (released in July 2008)
– 2007 DOC-White Reserve (Bronze Medal, National Competition) (launching in July 2008)

In 2009, during the 50 years of the cooperative, launched a limited edition of Ribeira do Corso Red Reserve ”50 years”.

The major distinction was achieved in 2010, the Competition organized in Agriculture Fair of Santarém, wine Ribeira do Corso 2004, competing with 711 wines from all regions of the country, this wine was distinguished from the others with a Silver Medal.

Our commitment

At present, the cooperative has a commitment to integrity and rigor in its commercial and social relations, whether with customers, suppliers, coworkers, and also with other agents involved in this activity.

Continue to provide diverse products and packaging.

Do not stop innovating.

Always seek to satisfy those who choose our products and is our partner.

It is this image of responsibility, the cooperative is committed in continuing to transmit as a legacy of its past.